The Nasonville Valley Railroad Company is a private track located in the northern most part of the little State of Rhode Island. We are a 1-1/2″ scale, 7-1/4″ gauge Live Steam Railroad. It has been my dream to have a back yard railroad since I was just 13 years old. Although this is a
private railroad, fellow live steamers are most welcome to help in construction and are welcome to run their locomotives by appointment.

We held our Golden Spike ceremony and solemn blessing and dedication of the railroad on May 24, 2008.

The mainline is 1,750′. Along the main line, you cross a 92′ long and 11′ high trestle made out of local, rough cut lumber, a 20′ long tunnel, a 10′ long covered bridge and 5′ open bridge crossing a water culvert.  The mainline has 3,586 ties and 15,016 track screws, with an overall of 4,313 ties and 17,274 screws.  We used 160 tons of ballast and we are ready to order another load for tweaking and leveling.

We were featured in Live Steam Magazine

During the summer of 2005, we finished all grading, built a 92′ long trestle, 10′ bridge (our current covered bridge) and laid some 600′ of rail (and balasted most of it).  In the summer of 2006, we laid and ballasted another 938′ of main line. In 2007, we built a turntable, three steaming bays, an engine house with another steaming bay and a loading bay.  Three weeks before our Golden Spike we moved 300′ of the main line and leads to the steaming bays to widen the radius to better accommodate larger locomotives.

We are now in the process of two extensions. The first is 400′ of double track to create a reverse loop and another 1000′ called the Mountain Division. The Mountain Division will have a 250′ trestle and 60′ tunnel. When these extensions are complete, the main line will be about 3,200′. Following this extension, the final extension will create a line from the loop that will bypass the tunnel and double track the 92′ long trestle bringing the main line to about 4,000′.

Since this writing, the original trestle made out of local rough-cut lumber became rotted and was replaced in September 2020 with a new trestle made with pressure treated lumber and stained in June 2021.